Quick start guide

Do you want to register your FoodStand / Foodtruck?
1. Create User Account
Create a user. To do this, click on the upper right cornerand then on. You are forwarded to the registration page. Here you have the option to create a new user account by clicking on click.

2. Enter Foodtruck/Stand

If you have created a user account, log on to Streeteat.ch and click     . You now manage your account under   . To enter a Foodtruck or Stand directly, use the menu Publish / Enter company and enter all necessary information. Confirm the terms and conditions and close the registration .
After you have registered your company, we echoed you after a short examination of the data. This can take up to 24h.
What are categories?
What is the directory?
What are events / locations?
What are offers?
Any questions?

About us

StreetEat.ch is a portal where traders can register and publish their events and offers. We would like the end customer to find an event or offer quickly and easily at noon and / or in the evening.


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